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Mason Jenkins founded GloveWhisperer in 2005 to help his daughter, a star high school and college division 1 softball player, and her teammates increase their defensive skills and overall on field play.

Since its beginning GloveWhisperer has been embraced by Players, Parents and Coaches at every level, from the professionals to little league. GloveWhisperer has more than 50,000 satisfied customers, many of whom have used our glove conditioning service for numerous gloves throughout their playing career. Our greatest source of new business is through the recommendation of our services by satisfied customers to family members and teammates. It is a great source of pride for all of us at GloveWhisperer that existing and new clients continue to support and endorse GloveWhisperer by sending new and older gloves to our workshop from all over the United States and all over the world.

We have learned from conversations and testimonials that the players who lack strength at beginner and intermediate stages are in real need of total glove flexibility and that advanced players gain that extra edge from of properly shaped and conditioned gloves. This helps inspire the player by giving them incredible physical benefits and unlimited psychological advantages.

PERFORMANCE: A glove that is conditioned for flexibility and properly shaped delivers 100% Playability.


CONFIDENCE: Playing with equipment that delivers 100% Playability on every play builds player self-confidence.


SUCCESS: For each player and their team.

GloveWhisperer's PERSONALIZED EXPERT ALL-NATURAL SERVICE guarantees flexibility making your new or well-worn glove 100% open and always playable.

There is no comparison between the GloveWhisperer all natural way and other glove conditioning, breaking-in and shaping processes and devices. These other processes include the use of extreme heat, excessive oils, plastic molds and “old school methods” like driving a car over or parking it on top of the glove. These and many other many new and old ways of breaking-in a glove deliver little or no positive results and can damage the glove.

GloveWhisperer is the only GLOVE CONDITIONING SERVICE that provide a complete solution for new and well-worn gloves.  Our service evaluates each glove as they arrive, if we have any question of glove fit and setup for optimal performance a GW professional calls the player to collected information helpful to insure the glove is not only broken-in but completely setup for each player.

A GloveWhisperer glove is returned fully conditioned, properly broken-in, with optimal shape for performance and adjusted to the players hand

Players, Parents and Coaches have built GloveWhisperer with their loyal patronage and word of mouth referrals. We receive gloves shipped to our Connecticut workshop, from Maine to California and all states in between. Everyone at GloveWhisperer is committed to our core values delivering the amazing physical benefits and psychological advantages of giving each player a glove that is 100% optimized for performance, that builds player confidence and that increases player and team success.  This is the GloveWhisperer way.

The NEW GloveWhisperer Website is designed to build a Baseball and Softball Community for Players, Parents and Coaches. (GW) will continually evolve to the needs of our customer:

Community Blog where each member can begin a discussion, post opinions and offer advice on all types of Baseball and Softball related subjects

GloveWhisperer where Mason Jenkins and other members of the GloveWhisperer staff will offer advice on Baseball and Softball gloves, training aids and accessories.

GloveWhisperer Corner where we will update you on the GW process and invite coaches and player to provide insight into their game play success.

GloveWhisperer Store store gives everyone a fast easy way to access and pay for GloveWhisperer Glove Services and to review and purchase selected GloveWhisperer training aids and accessories.

We are excited to continue to reach new customer, see new smiles and hear new stories of success from our existing and new customers.

Mason Jenkins                   Jim Carson
Founder                             President